White Cream Hand Braided Leather Master Whip

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Description: Elegance, beauty, and vexation are what you will get with this classic hand-braided cream white leather whip. This leather whip is long and braided all the way down with a flawless braid reaching the flogging tails at the end. The wooden handle is comfortable to hold and comes with a black leather strap around the base for extra support during disciplinary actions. Detailed stitching dances along the edge of the handle and where the braid meets the flogging tails. This whip sounds as pretty as it looks by making a smooth, full “whoosh” noise in the air and cracking loudly with each lick. The flogging tails make a slapping noise against one another or when gently smacked against skin, but can create stinging welts with moderate force while the braided part causes more of a thuddy feeling. This whip takes practice to handle correctly and should be used during more advanced, sadomasochistic punishment.

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