Watersports Fetish Funnel Gag

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 This Water Sports funnel gag brings so much delight to all Yellow Showers lovers!  What a prefect way to pour your slave's favorite liquid straight down their throat through this devious funnel gag! The gag can be used BOTH as a funnel gag and a mouth gag mask and head harness.

It comes an adjustable strap, you can find just the right fit around your submissive's head, tightening the Latrine so that there's no hope for their escape! A locking buckle even allows you to further their plight, ensuring that they are your personal object until you let them out! The strap that holds the funnel in place can be unsnapped so that you can customize the experience. Fill your dirty plaything to the brim with your liquid of choice and watch them struggle to please you!

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