Sizzling Backdoor Anal Pleasure Curated Training Set

Color: purple 7pcs


Description: Unleash your wildest anal play fantasies with this carefully curated Sizzling Backdoor Anal Pleasure Set. Ideal for training and advanced play. Why limit your self to one or two anal play sensations when you can have the choice to switch and find what fits your mood and desired play scenes. All anal pieces are equally made of fine grade medical silicone, the vibrator is made of safe plastic and endowed by a powerful quiet motor. We have curated five varying sets each promises memorable sizzling pleasure. 

Care and CleaningThese products are made of silicone, safe plastic, and electronic pieces. To clean silicone, wash it with hot water and a body-friendly soap before and after each use, alternatively you can use a warm wet towel. This product fits perfectly in our affordable Sex Toy UV Sterilizer 

Material: Medical Silicone, Plastic 

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