Prison Bird Stainless Steel Cuckold Chastity Penis Confinement Cage + Sounding Tube



Description:  If you have no much need for it, lock away your slave or cuckold's penis! This beautiful and unique chastity device wraps up that small cuck's cock in tight stainless steel, leaving a number of holes open to allow for urination and airflow, or maybe not, maybe lock that hold with the sounding piece that comes with it for additional kink and control. Six different sizes of O-rings are included to find a comfortable or uncomfortable fit ;) depending on what your slave or cuckold deserves, great for humiliation plays and training of new disobedient cucks. The most unique feature of this device, however, is the internal locking system. Insert the key into the brass keyhole and turn to straighten out the lock. The lock can then be inserted into the hinge. With another twist of the key, your slave will recognize your complete control. 

Care and Cleaning: To clean wash it with hot water and a body-friendly soap before and after each use, alternatively you can use a warm wet towel. Some parts of the product can fit perfectly in our affordable Sex Toy UV Sterilizer

Material: Stainless Steel,  Brass 

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