Cuck Cage Multiple Colours and Size Male Chastity Device with Built-in Lock System

Color: black


Description:  Keep your cuck confined all day and all night with one of these original plastic cock cage! This cage has a uniquely compact design, with a patent internal locking system that prevents a bulky appearance under clothing and the unnecessary inconvenience. Insert the key into the brass keyhole and turn to straighten out the lock. The lock can then be inserted into or removed from the hinge. With another twist of the key, your slave will be helplessly trapped until you decide to show mercy! Great for sissification, cuckolding and humiliation, and femdom play. Comes in two sizes and multiple colors! to choose from.

Care and Cleaning: To clean wash it with hot water and a body-friendly soap before and after each use, alternatively you can use a warm wet towel. Some parts of the product can fit perfectly in our affordable Sex Toy UV Sterilizer

Material: Plastic, Brass 

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