Charming Cherries Silicone Kegel Balls Vagina Stimulation and Exercisers

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Description: Ben Wa balls AKA Geisha Balls, AKA Weighted Orgasm balls AKA Venus balls, AKA rin-no-tama is definitely one of the oldest sex toys known to humanity and a proud holder of undisputed record in driving intense orgasms! Originally used to enhance men’s pleasure during intercourse, Ben Wa Balls eventually became paired and tied by a string, and were used by women to increase the strength of their pelvic floor muscles, you know, the ones involved in orgasm! This sexy and fresh design of vibrating Silicone Ben Wa Balls vibrates on all the right spots to stimulate great unmatched orgasms. Tone up your pelvic floor and enjoy the orgasmic roll of those two luxury remote control vibrating Ben Wa Balls free-roaming weight balls.  The toy is USB rechargeable (charger included), waterproof and packed with 7 vibrating frequencies that you can tone up to. Warning: Highly Addictive 

How to use Geisha Balls: The balls are inserted slowly all the way back to the cervix, when the balls are in place even slight movements of the hips or thighs will cause the contents of the loaded ball to move or roll producing a pleasant vibration and tone you your pelvic floor muscles

Care and Cleaning: This product is made of medical grade safe silicone To clean silicone, wash it with hot water and a body-friendly soap before and after each use, alternatively you can use a warm wet towel. This product fits perfectly in our affordable Sex Toy UV Sterilizer Sex Toy UV Sterilizer

Material: Medical Silicone


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