Kinkstasy is seeking influencers!

influencers apply here!  

Guess what! We are launching a cool product soon and we are excited! Like a coOl never seen in the market product! 

We figured to match the coolness of our product we got to market it in an equally cool fashion! 

How about we help you monetize your followers which you help us get the word out about our product =) ? If you think that is a win win then continue reading!

We are seeking the help of social influencers that match any of the following criteria:

- Have a large fetlife network (300+) and have great followers interaction

- Have large social followers in any platform in the following segments/topics: Sex Toys, Kink, Sex positive...etc  


To apply please email us at

Or contact us here via the Connect button at the bottom of the page:

Send the following details along with your email:

1- Your social handle and link to your profile

2- Have you marketed any products in your social network before?